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We built Perusen for people who want:
A place for rich content, not comments
Perusen is for people's opinions about a topic, not the discussions about their opinions. In Perusen, there isn't any back and forth replies between users in endless comment threads - there's just the topic and everyone's individual posts to that topic.
A place for you to explore and build social knowledge
You can write about anything - our content is the full spectrum of the human experience. And with our encyclopedic format, posts are unique, organized and searchable. With cross-referenced topics within posts, each topic is constantly being added to and therefore remains relevant.
A place for community, to share and stay connected
Perusen is a social platform for perusers to discover and follow the topics, tags, collections and perusers they are most interested in. With a Twitter-like news feed, you will stay connected to te content you care about.