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Perusen is an open platform for its users and a supporter of free speech, but we still have some rules in order to ensure quality content and a quality experience for our users:

  1. No Direct Comments

    There are many websites that have great forum discussions, where users reply to each other directly, however this is not our purpose. We want users to express their own opinions as statements, not as replies.

  2. No Unhelpful Posts

    We encourage our users to express their opinions, but we would like posts to have content, instead of just statements like “This is great.”

  3. Don’t Post Irrelevant Text/Images

    If you are posting to a title, your text and its image should be related to that title.

  4. Readable Text in English

    This is an English-speaking website, so we need our content to be in English and your post’s grammar and formatting should support the readability of the text, not detract from it.

  5. Don’t Spam

    It’s not ok to repeat posts across or within titles, to post only personal links, such as to blogs or websites, nor to advertise for products/services.

  6. Don’t Post Personal Information

    You cannot post real-life information about someone, such as their name, email, mailing address, and other details, that are not publicly available.

  7. No Disrespectful/Harassing/Prejudicial Content

    You cannot post statements that are disrespectful, harassing or prejudicial against a particular group of people based on their gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, ethnicity, race, etc.

  8. No Sexually Explicit Content of Minors


  9. No Vote Manipulation

    You cannot solicit votes nor engage in any kind of vote manipulation.

  10. Don’t Tamper With the Site

    Don’t attempt to disrupt the functionality of the website.

  11. If You See Something, Say Something

    If you are aware of a security issue or see violations of these rules, please either flag the post or contact us. We really appreciate it.